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I have a few shop updates and announcements for this upcoming Fall season (ie. Halloween) so here it goes:

I am happy to say you can now purchase Non-Decaffeinated Art Masks in person at two new locations! Fist up is Freaky Elegant in Historic Salem,  MA – If you are in the area please stop by. This is a gift and costume shop so hopefully you will find something cool. If you can’t visit in person they also have a Facebook and a Webstore you can visit.

Nondecaffeinatedart leather costume masks at Freakyelegant.png
A selection of Leather masks available at Freaky Elegant in Salem MA

A New art shop called Avid Art Gallery just opened in Evansville, IN – They are, as the name states, a gallery and a gift shop. Their offerings include paintings, digital art, art-toys, jewelry and as of now only one of my Oni Masks. To see a full list of the talented artists represented please visit their Facebook and  Website

Golden Oni at avid by nondecaf
Golden Oni mask/wearable art available through Avid Art Gallery in Evansville IN

Secondly I wanted to share some new mask styles available. The hand carved ‘woodgrain branches’ and ‘armored’ style masks have proven popular in previous years (and hopefully this year as well) So I have made a batch of small masks in this style for those of you that wold like a more subtle and possibly Steampunk-esque disguise.  I don’t use patterns for these – to allow for more fantastical variations; this also ensures no one will have the same mask as you! (and so I don’t get burnt out making the same thing over and over)

Nondecaffeinatedart leather costume masks
Hand Carved ‘woodgrain’ style masks

Please check out my shop for updates and new items. Also, I regularly update my Instagram and Facebook more than this page, so, if you are interested in something other than my once-in-a-blue-moon updates you should head over there for in progress stuff. Thanks for reading!


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