Nature masks

This years crop of greenmen masks have lost all their leaves in time for fall –  or how I really like carving ‘woodgrain’ patterns into leather…

Here are a few of this years newest crop of Forest Spirit themed masks currently posted in my Shop.

Druid masks 2 by nondecafDruid masks 3 by nondecafDruid masks by nondecaf

My intention for these nature fantasy masks are to have them be worn as part of an druid, elf, witch/sorcerer, or a really woodsy steampunk themed costume – for a Halloween or Larping event or even to attend a Masquerade Ball. Ultimately it is up to you what you do with the mask, be it constructing a costume or hanging it on your wall!

(Have you herd of the Labyrinth Masquerade Ball? It looks amazing i’m in awe of the costumes, seriously, check out the photo gallery)

I really appreciate the interest and enthusiasm everyone has had for these nature style masks in the last few years; especially for use in theatre and film. I can’t believe its been over a year since I got a an order for 25  of my ‘Druid Warrior’ masks shipped out and sent off to bigger things! (see the instagram post below)

Thank you for all the enthusiasm for these masks over the last few years!



Bonus: These three masks were made in celebration of the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse! Two of these are still up in my shop. **The crescent moon, my favorite, has sold.

2017 Total Solar Eclipse Masks.png



Creature Feature

Welcome to a new Featured Blog Post – I want to try out a new format where I feature art from other creators, artist resources, and tutorials. This will allow me continue to post my shop and show updates while keeping this blog more active in between! Please check out the first artist and let me know what you think of the format!


The first Creature Feature is The Moss Beach

The Moss Beach offers small creatures to delicate fairy folk, each with its own personality. From my table to your home I hope you love your fairy tale.



Let this little Cellist put on a show for your favorite faeries!

Artist Rebecca Thomas has created whimsy using shells, driftwood, and found objects. Combining shells to form the bodies of of faeries and mythical creatures; she gives each one a unique personality and brings it to life in their very own scene.

Shell Centaur

This Centaur is worshiping at the Alter of the Moon.

Shell Centaur detail

Centaur shrine detail

Each piece is created with an idea based on the connection of shells’ curves and unique shapes. No two pieces will be the same because no shell is the same.

All of the drift wood is collected by hand by myself and my father. Each piece is paired with a creature to bring them to life and give them a story.


Her works can be found on Instagram and for purchase on Facebook and Etsy under the name TheMossBeach

Thanks for reading!