Infinity Gauntlet prints

With the Infinity War premiere last week and Free Comic Book Day just around the corner I have made a limited run of 13 Infinity Gauntlet prints. They are hand pulled 5×7 embellished art prints, making each print a unique piece.

The below images showing the process of printmaking; from the initial block design, to the first prints in a light gold ink, to the final stage of hand embellishing each print with acrylic paints

Printmaking Process

Printmaking Process

finished prints

finished prints

Prints comes sealed in a plastic sleeve and ships in a bubble mailer with a cardboard insert to prevent wrinkles. Since this is a Limited Edition, no other prints will be made of this set.

If you would like to grab one of the 13 prints please check out my shop on Etsy If you are not a fan of Etsy but still want a print let me know, I also accept business through Paypal.

Let me know in the comments below if you would like to see more of these types of prints (ie small prints, fan art prints, prints in general?) I think I may do an Ironman styled Gauntlet next ~





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