2018 Art Fairs


If you follow me on social media such as Instagram and Facebook you have already seen these photos, but I hope you stick with me for the little stories that go with them.

I had the opportunity to sell at two art fairs this October, it was a little chilly both weekends; but still a nice time to be out soaking up the last bit of sun for the season.

Fall YArt

The first event was YArt (A Yardsale for Art); an all-local fine art sale with nothing priced more than $50. YArt was held outside near the beautiful grounds of Angel Mounds. I had a selection of leathercraft masks, keychains, bookmarks and block prints. The feather bookmarks were a real hit this year.

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Upcycled Glass Jars

I also had a chance to launch a new project, shown below, at Yart. Belt loop jars! I started off with 3 prototype jars; by the end of the day this was the only one left for me to snap a photo of. After Halloween sales wrap up I’m going to get started on batch #2 in order to have them in the shop for the holidays.

They are made from upcycled glass yogurt jars, the same vegetable tanned leather and dyes I use for my masks, aluminum rivets, and the ‘stick’ closure is actually a old paintbrush. I love giving a second life to materials and I hope you all will love these jars as well. I’m looking for something to call them, if you have any suggestions I would love to know. I have been calling them ‘fairy jars’ or ‘elf jars’ because that is what spoke to me the most.

fairy jar by nondecaf.png


Vine Street Makers Market

My second event was a new one for me; “Vine Street Makers Market” in lovely Fort Branch Indiana. This was their first Fall event, usually it is a Spring gathering, but even in the Fall it had a large turn out in attendance. The Market was on the ground of the Fort Branch Community Park. The park is a nice open space with a few community buildings dotting the grounds. It was a nice but windy day, thankfully my tent held up and the show went smoothly.

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Fall Shop Sale

I will be posting the leather bags and cat necklaces you see in this post in my shop for the upcoming gift-giving season. My shop is running a 30% off sale on selected masks, mostly the ones you have seen in these photos. The current sale will run through the 20th of November.



Thanks for reading!

Tractor photo op set up at Vine Street Makers Market

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