Sailor Moon Redraw Challenge and More

I’m very late to this #SailorMoonRedrawChallenge and as a timestamp of whats going on in the world; everything is terrible.

So with that, I bring you 3 things:

Thing 1: A downloadable coloring book page / line art of the Sailor Moon Redraw screen-cap incase you need a break and want to color; or don’t have the time/energy to draw but still want to participate. The Lines were traced in the Procreate App. If you want to share your finished colored page with me on Twitter I’m @NonDecafArt. If not thats OK too! Just have fun. (note: for printing you should be able to open or download the image and just print at 100% size it should be about 8×10 ish, if that does not work click the ‘fit to page’ checkbox when the Print options come up)

Thing 2: My entry for the SailorMoon Redraw Challenge is below, I channeled all of my inner middle school student in the early 2000’s anime drawing powers for this. I really enjoyed watching, the edited US version, of of Sailor Moon with my friends when it was on. I’ve always been into putting too many lines in ‘anime’ type artwork than is really needed, I’ve made my peace with that, so judge me as you will I guess? (oh no google says it was on between 1998 and 2001 on Toonami? wow. ok what is time.)

Thing 3: I made Artemis and Luna leather cat masks way back in 2015. I feel like I have gotten better at making the cat style masks, most of them have been ‘Egyptian cat’ masks recently, so it may be nice to get a new cat mask design back in my shop lineup… my shop is sparsely populated right now as just… a whole heck of a lot of things have been going on in general, and personally I haven’t felt like making Any art recently.

Let me know how your creative endeavors have been going~

PS Accidental 4th thing: I forgot I made a Tuxedo Mask style mask too…

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