June 2020 Mask Sales Donations

Half of each Mask purchase made in June – through July 10th will be donated to the ACLU and Campaign Zero to support the quest for equality and justice in our communities.

On July 11th I will post the results of the sales portion of my Etsy Shop here and divide the amount made evenly between the two organizations, I will post screenshots of the donation pages as well. I couldn’t think of another way to to prove the donation so that will have to be it. If you are wondering about shipping, free shipping is set for all these items – if i’ve missed one in error please let me know.

a visual representation of leather craft masks that are for sale at nondecaf.etsy.com

These are the masks currently available in my shop, they vary in price. They were meant to come with me to art fairs this year, but because of the virus situation the fairs didn’t happen.

I hope to do other donation campaigns like this continuing in the future, so if thats something you are interested in hearing about; please scribe to this blog to get emails about future posts (I don’t post very much so don’t expect a clogged inbox from me)

Links to the organizations here: https://www.aclu.org/ https://www.joincampaignzero.org/

Stay safe~

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