Making an Oni Resin Mask

I recently received some requests for a Oni mask & thought I would take this opportunity to show you how I make my resin masks.


Infinity Gauntlet prints

With the Infinity War premiere last week and Free Comic Book Day just around the corner I have made a limited run of 13 Infinity Gauntlet prints. They are hand pulled 5x7 embellished art prints, making each print a unique piece.

Project: Boston Crusaders & Animal Farm

I recently had the opportunity to make over 120 leather masks for the The Boston Crusaders Drum and Bugle Corps. They toured the 2014 season with the theme 'Animal Farm' My assignment was to take the following animals; goat, dog, ram, horse, pig, chicken, and crow and turn them into recognizable, breathable, and sturdy masks that could be worn for … Continue reading Project: Boston Crusaders & Animal Farm

Upcoming masks – Egyptian theme

Recently I have gotten some messages requesting Egyptian Anubis masks. I then realized I failed to even have anything more than a total of two Bastet masks in my shop this Halloween season! So in order to remedy that (though somewhat belatedly...) I've got a few Egyptian themed masks to post in my shop throughout … Continue reading Upcoming masks – Egyptian theme