Creature Feature

Welcome to a new Featured Blog Post – I want to try out a new format where I feature art from other creators, artist resources, and tutorials. This will allow me continue to post my shop and show updates while keeping this blog more active in between! Please check out the first artist and let me know what you think of the format!


The first Creature Feature is The Moss Beach

The Moss Beach offers small creatures to delicate fairy folk, each with its own personality. From my table to your home I hope you love your fairy tale.



Let this little Cellist put on a show for your favorite faeries!

Artist Rebecca Thomas has created whimsy using shells, driftwood, and found objects. Combining shells to form the bodies of of faeries and mythical creatures; she gives each one a unique personality and brings it to life in their very own scene.

Shell Centaur

This Centaur is worshiping at the Alter of the Moon.

Shell Centaur detail

Centaur shrine detail

Each piece is created with an idea based on the connection of shells’ curves and unique shapes. No two pieces will be the same because no shell is the same.

All of the drift wood is collected by hand by myself and my father. Each piece is paired with a creature to bring them to life and give them a story.


Her works can be found on Instagram and for purchase on Facebook and Etsy under the name TheMossBeach

Thanks for reading!

Magical art sale

On July 29th a selection of masks, wands, sculptures, jewelry, paintings, and other artwork will be available at the Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana – in honor of Harry Potter’s birthday!
(they tell me there will also be cake)
My contribution will include:  
Three paper pulp Gargoyle masks
They have been hand pressed from my original molds, padded with felt lining, and strung with elastic cord. These were a limited run of masks produced early on, so they are the only 3 of their kind in existence.
Three artist wands with ‘artist brush cores’
The wands were up-cycled from worn-out well-loved paint brushes then coated in a layer of Smooth-on Freeform air (if you are a sculptor  you should check out the medium)
I gave them handmade tags detailing the lenght, name, and materials of each crafted wand.
And One Skull and Snakes ‘dark mark’ inspired ink drawing
The artwork comes framed and has been detailed with gold ink to highlight the snakes’ shimmering scales. A work-in-progress shot is shown below~
Excerpt from the Artswin post:
Celebrate all things magical with us July 29!

In honor of Harry Potter’s birthday, the Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana is planning a day filled with “magical” objects and birthday cake! Join us July 29 to shop for wands, magic-themed artwork, unique jewelry, and more! The items will be available at the Arts Council during the Saturday event and for a limited time afterward

Check out the Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana Facebook page for event details.
Skull pen and ink drawing

Work in progress photo of a pen and ink drawing of a skull with two snakes.

harry potter wands

Three harry potter themed wands made from well used paint brushes. the paint brushes were decorated with Freeform air super light clay, painted, then given handmade tags .

gargoyle masks

three gargoyle masks made from paper pulp

Shop Updates

I have a few shop updates and announcements for this upcoming Fall season (ie. Halloween) so here it goes:

I am happy to say you can now purchase Non-Decaffeinated Art Masks in person at two new locations! Fist up is Freaky Elegant in Historic Salem,  MA – If you are in the area please stop by. This is a gift and costume shop so hopefully you will find something cool. If you can’t visit in person they also have a Facebook and a Webstore you can visit.

Nondecaffeinatedart leather costume masks at Freakyelegant.png

A selection of Leather masks available at Freaky Elegant in Salem MA

A New art shop called Avid Art Gallery just opened in Evansville, IN – They are, as the name states, a gallery and a gift shop. Their offerings include paintings, digital art, art-toys, jewelry and as of now only one of my Oni Masks. To see a full list of the talented artists represented please visit their Facebook and  Website

Golden Oni at avid by nondecaf

Golden Oni mask/wearable art available through Avid Art Gallery in Evansville IN

Secondly I wanted to share some new mask styles available. The hand carved ‘woodgrain branches’ and ‘armored’ style masks have proven popular in previous years (and hopefully this year as well) So I have made a batch of small masks in this style for those of you that wold like a more subtle and possibly Steampunk-esque disguise.  I don’t use patterns for these – to allow for more fantastical variations; this also ensures no one will have the same mask as you! (and so I don’t get burnt out making the same thing over and over)

Nondecaffeinatedart leather costume masks

Hand Carved ‘woodgrain’ style masks

Please check out my shop for updates and new items. Also, I regularly update my Instagram and Facebook more than this page, so, if you are interested in something other than my once-in-a-blue-moon updates you should head over there for in progress stuff. Thanks for reading!


A Word about Halloween (& Return Orders)

October Has Arrived! Fall is my most favorite time of year, while its getting colder and the leaves are getting crunchier the fruits of my labor grow near… one of the few times of the year masks are wanted, nay needed, Halloween!

This is the fun bit:

I have released a few new styles of resin mask, all of which can be seen in the below gallery. Some are posted in my shop pre-painted, others are listed as ‘DIY Blanks’ this means they sell at a reduced price from the fully finished masks as you would be doing some sanding and then painting the mask to any style you choose. That option is not for everyone, but for the do-it-yourselfers out there it is a fun project for an afternoon in.

I would love to hear what you think about the new resin masks down in the comment section, I’ll be doing a step by step post about the making of the Oni masks (the ones with the horns and fangs) and hope to get some discussion going about the process.

A bit of nasty business:

I can no longer accept return orders…Due to to a recent issues of people purchasing the masks, wearing them to a party then wanting to send them back after they have had their use of the mask, I will accept no more returns. Look for sanitary reasons you don’t really want to wear something that’s already been on someone’s face do you?

On principal I’m not going to send you a mask that has had someone’s sweaty face all up in it, and I’m not going to do that to anyone else either. This is not a ‘used mask’ shop. This is a handmade Costume Accessories shop.
You are welcome to cancel the order before it ships if you change your mind, However, once the item is shipped it is in the hands of the USPS mail carriers and the package can not be canceled or returned.
~I really hope you understand why I’m enforcing this policy you can check out my shop’s policies here  to learn more –

And Lastly

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! I hope to keep you entertained by posting more frequently!

Please check my Shop at for a selection of ready made masks in stock. If you want a quote for a large order please use the contact form on the  the Contact page // Or send me an Email at Nondecafinfo(at) you can also reach out to me on social media if Email is not your thing!

Thanks again for hanging in there with me & have a fantastic month!

Project: Boston Crusaders & Animal Farm

I recently had the opportunity to make over 120 leather masks for the The Boston Crusaders Drum and Bugle Corps. They toured the 2014 season with the theme ‘Animal Farm’

My assignment was to take the following animals; goat, dog, ram, horse, pig, chicken, and crow and turn them into recognizable, breathable, and sturdy masks that could be worn for the color guard’s full performance (and repeating performances through the season) What I would like to share today are some photos of the progress and design of these masks.

The finished product being worn by the BAC Color Guard can be see at the sites at the bottom of this page.  You can also search #bostoncrusaders on twitter and Instagram for photos of the show.


Please check out their preview trailer for the season on youtube: 
Thanks for reading!
(feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions about this project)

Upcoming masks – Egyptian theme

Recently I have gotten some messages requesting Egyptian Anubis masks.

I then realized I failed to even have anything more than a total of two Bastet masks in my shop this Halloween season! So in order to remedy that (though somewhat belatedly…) I’ve got a few Egyptian themed masks to post in my shop throughout this week, currently the Bastet mask is up and available for purchase.

I’m still taking custom order for these as well, by that I mean I can do custom colors and add acrylic jemstones to the designs.

New Bastet style and  New Half Masks - standard colors

New Bastet style and New Half Masks – standard colors

Anubis Half Masks - standard color

Anubis Half Masks – standard color

Once Upon A Time

One of my masks appeared (albeit briefly) on ABC’s hit television Series Once Upon A Time season 3 episode 4 entitled ‘Nasty Habits’ which aired Sunday October 20, 2013


The mask in question was one of my Wolf designs that I usually do in a 5 – 6oz leather. I wanted to try out the thicker 8 – 9oz leather many other mask artists use, and now I know why they use it! It holds carving detail incredibly well and I’m fond of the ‘woodgrain’ look you can get with it when using brown leather dye. The folks from Once Upon A Time did chose the woodgrain textured mask for the production. Since then I’ve got to producing several styles of my Wolf Mask in that 8oz leather. Some of the results can be seen in my shop and in the images below.

Armor Knight Mask Progress



I was recently commissioned to make two more of my Armor Knight style masks.

The original mask of this style was not made with a pattern so it was interesting trying to reconstruct what I had done to make it the first time around….

Knight Mask 1

I had some trial and error with cutting out pieces that would fit together and look like the original, unfortunately i didn’t realize this until after i had gotten it painted…in the below photo you can see where I removed the forehead/nose guard piece and had to cut and attach new one.

As you can see it turned out alright and the customer was please with the final result!

Knight Mask 2