Arts and Masks

Non-Decaffeinated Art is a small art shop run by one art person who likes making weird and unique things. I create handmade masks, accessories, and other miscellaneous artworks; some of which end up in my Shop or for exhibit. 

Notable events to see our masks in action:

  • 2015 – Created 30 masks for an upcoming to be released in 2016 (more info coming soon!)
  • 2014 – The Boston Crusaders Drum and Bugle Corps commissioned 150 masks for their touring show entitled “Animal Farm” which they preformed up to the DCI World Championship level (sneak peak  HERE)
  • 2013 – Brown Wolf Leather mask appears on “Once Upon A Time” Series 3 Episode 4 entitled “Nasty Habits”
  • 2013 – Created ‘Fallen Angel’ Masks for ‘Daylight‘ (2013) film listed in credits on
  • 2012 – Created masks for stage to the France based Théâtre Musical Marsoulan
  • 2011 – Created custom Bastet masks for dance group Ushabti
  • 2011 – Created custom Wolf masks for Musicians The Lupus Tarn


Purchase Masks in person at: 

STAC Art Gallery in Evansville, IN (Facebook Link here)
Freaky Elegant in Historic Salem,  MA

Or check out the online shop on Etsy